I am a contemporary Printmaker & Mixed Media Artist, with a background in design and a love for detail, pattern, texture and colour, who loves to combine techniques and explore new ideas.

My most recent collection of Mixed Media work in Acrylic combines one-off Monoprints used as collage on acrylic board with added hand drawn elements. (See New Acrylic Work with Monoprint Collage.)

My later work focuses on showing my Original Inked Collagraph plates (once they are no longer print worthy), leaving them inked with etching ink but not printed to reveal all the beauty of the original plate. (See Mixed Media Work – Inked Collagraph Plates).

Much of my older work in Collagraph is inspired by ancient naïve artefacts which can be discovered in our museums. I am drawn to the sense of history each piece has, its creator and the reason for it being made, bringing it back to life with a contemporary twist and a dash of humour. Through the use of various printmaking techniques, but mainly Collagraph, I produce a hand-pulled print, each one original, rich in colour and detail.